The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up

By | December 16, 2017
The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up Author Leon Neyfakh
ISBN-10 161219446X
ISBN-13 9781612194462
Year 2015-07-07
Pages 192
Language English
Publisher Melville House
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In the tradition of Carl Wilsons Lets Talk About Love an unforgettable account of fame fandom and the problem of making art in the twenty first century In his multi hyphenate ambitions the musician who calls himself Juiceboxxx couldnt be more modernyou might call him a punk rock rapper DJ record executive energy drink magnate Journalist Leon Neyfakh has been something more than a fan of Juiceboxxxs since he was a teenager when he booked a show for the artist in a church basement in his hometown of Oak Park Illinois Juiceboxxx went on to the tireless lonely possibly hopeless pursuit of success on his own termsno club was too dank no futon too grubby if it helped him get to the next next level And for years Neyfakh remained haunted from afar was art really worth all the sacrifices If it was how did you know youd made it And what was the difference anyway between a person like Juiceboxxxwho devoted his life to being an artistand a person like Neyfakh who elected instead to pursue a stable career and a comfortable middle classexistence Much more than a brilliant portrait of a charismatic musician always on the verge of something big The Next Next Level is a wholly contemporary story of art obsession fame ambition and friendshipas well as viral videos rap rock and the particulars of life on the margins of culture

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