War of Kings Omnibus

By | November 30, 2017
War of Kings Omnibus Author Ed Brubaker
ISBN-10 1302902253
ISBN-13 9781302902254
Year 2016-11-15
Pages 1304
Language English
Publisher Marvel
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A cosmic epic connecting the Inhumans X Men and Guardians of the Galaxy The Inhumans leave Earth and take their destined place as rulers of the Kree Empire Meanwhile Cyclops and Havok s power mad brother Vulcan claims the Shi ar Empire s throne bringing the galaxy to the brink of destruction With the Nova Corps Starjammers and Guardians caught in the middle two empires make cosmic war and the fallout might tear the galaxy in half COLLECTING UNCANNY X MEN 475 486 X MEN EMPEROR VULCAN 1 5 SECRET INVASION WAR OF KINGS X MEN KINGBREAKER 1 4 WAR OF KINGS DARKHAWK 1 2 WAR OF KINGS WARRIORS 1 2 WAR OF KINGS 1 6 WAR OF KINGS ASCENSION 1 4 WAR OF KINGS SAVAGE WORLD OF SAKAAR NOVA 23 28 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 13 19 WAR OF KINGS WHO WILL RULE MARVEL SPOTLIGHT WAR OF KINGS

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